When you think  about a delicious dessert, what is the first thing that comes up to your mind?, most problably comes up an image of a moist cake or a cup full of ice cream, but for many people is think about in something full of sugar and carbohydrates, and now more than ever that we read everywhere about the sugar and the excesive use of it, and the use of high fructose syrup, or dextrose , etc.

Well , for those who cannot live without a dessert or that sweet touch as I do, there are out there many other alternatives that can be used instead of white sugar, and one of these are the dates.

Dates are a fruit that grows mainly in dry zones as in Middle East or California. It has a very sweet taste and you can find it as dried date or fresh, the difference is basically in the skin, if it is fresh the skin is smoother.

Comparing with white sugar, Dates despite their high caloric content, have a medium glycemic index and don´t increase glucose levels in blood stream as regular sugar does, and can be cosumed, in moderation, for people with diabetes.

Their main caloric nutrient comes from carbohydrates, but they also have important vitamins and minerals and, an important fo fiber and antioxidants. Among the nutrients they have are:







✅Vitamina B6

In fact, their high fiber content makes them an excellent option for people suffering from constipation. Regarding the antioxidants, they have falvonoids, carotenoids and, phenolic acid, all, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

Some studies have shown that Dates can reduce the risk of Alzheimer´s diseas, hellping in reducing levels of IL-6 and the beta proteins activity related with this disease.

And there is something more, that I am sure will amaze you!, did you know that if you consume 6 dates per day for 4 weeks before your labor day, you are 20% more likely to have an easy and short labor?, isn´t that amazing?! And this is because some compunds bind the oxytocin receptors that mimic oxytocin effects in the body. and also they contain tannins that facilitate contractions.

Now, you might ask, how can I use dates as sweetener?, you can go to my Instagram and Facebook pages and find the recipe of  Dates Spread  you can use to sweeten pancakes, yogurt, bread, etc., or even in some natural stores you can find dates sugar. But please read lables and make sure that it only contains dates. And when you buy dates, make sure that there is only one ingredient: dates, no more,

So now you know that sweets can also be healthy, and there are many options out there, but always in moderationAsí que lo dulce no está peleado con lo saludable, existen varias opciones para poder disfrutar de lo dulce a la vez que nutrimos a nuestro cuerpo, y la clave como siempre… la moderación.


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