This is the first one of a series of posts focused on the most common additives included in many of the products (processed food) that we buy in the supermarket.

Preservatives, colorants, sweeteners, antioxidants, emulsifiers and flavor enhancers all are part of food additives. This time I would like to talk about one of the most common preservatives found in processed food: Pottassium Benzoate.It is a synthetic preservative, and it is created by the reaction of the Potassium Hydroxid and Acidic benzoate and named as E212 by food industry.

It is used to prevent yeasts, bacteria, and mold. It is used in sodas, energy drinks, juices, non alcoholic beers, wine, mayo, ketchup, margarine, jam, jelly, fruit in syrup, bread, cakes, precooked food, hummus, olives, canned seafood, and in tooth paste, mouthwash and some cough syrup.


It is considered into the goup of HIGH TOXICITY. As secondary effects are: asthma, alergic reactions and hives and if combined with sulfites or some artificial colorants as red #40 and yellow #5, it can trigger hyperactivity and other neurologic problems.

The accumulation of this in the body might contribute to tumor formation. Many sodas brands have been modified their formulas in order to keep them into the limits established as safe. it has been forbbiden in pets food since it has shown be lethal for cats and dogs, even in small dosis.

The food industry has declared that is safe in small dosis, just as it is in processed food. But my concerned comes up when I think about all processed food present in most of the pantry. That is why I wiil keep saying that it is important to read every label, but most importantly, to eat real food, whole food, with the less possible ingredients.


We have the power to choose, we as customers have the voice to demand the quality of food we deserve for our health, the market has to fit in us and not the other way around.

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