I am Ana, wife and mother of two teenagers and two dogs, baker and pastry chef for love. I enjoy nature, its beauty and magnificence in flowers, creatures and scenery.

My interest in health, wellness and nutrition began in my youth, however, when my two children were born, the search for less processed food and the concern for their health led me to read and go further into this amazing world.

When I was a teenager, I had severe asthma crisis forcing me to use inhalators (Salbutamol) that caused me an arrythmia. Having such experience, I tried to be aware of every prescription given to my children, I was so worried about it. Then I understood that the best way to support and contribute to their health was strengthening their body, but how??…by having a good diet and living on a healthy environment.

I'm Ana

Our diet became healthier, abundant in fruits and vegetables, trying to read labels on food and figuring out all ingredients in it. I have to confess that this hasn’t been an easy one, all our kids are being bombarded by ads in the streets and in TV with candies, crackers, cereals, snacks, etc. full of sugar and unpronounceable ingredients. That made me think about not say “No” to my children, but instead, offer something sweet but less processed, with real natural ingredients and home-made, so I studied a certificate in bakery, chocolate and pastry, and later on a sourdough baking course.

I'm AnaI decided to go even further by studying Holistic Nutrition, and be able to help as much people as possible. I have understood that food is an important piece in our health and wellness as our habits, emotions and thoughts are. Unfortunately, the indiscriminate use of technology and the accelerated pace of life we are living, don’t let us choose wisely and from a real consciousness state.

Let me help you and support you in your own path to wellness, building step by step new habits, being more in contact with your body its sensations and emotions and re-learn from nature its time and processes, stop the noise from outside and listen to your inner voice and RETURNING TO BE ONE WITH YOURSELF.

In the end, we are what we eat, what we do, what we feel and what we think


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