Everyday we are exposed to a lot of information and, often we read some terms that seem familiar or known and think we know what they mean, but do we?. In this post I want to explain to you what Holistic Nutrition is.

Holistic is and adjective indicating that something is related or belonging to holism, from de Greek hólos, that means “total”, “whole”, “entire”. The holism suggests to analyze a system and its properties as a whole, in a comprehensive and global manner.

Hence, Holistic Nutrition focuses on the human as a whole, suggests programs and habits for each area of his life, and it is divided into two parts, one part aimed to food and the other part to the adoption and enhance of habits and lifestyle.

Holistic Nutrition is oriented towards the prevention, avoiding illness or upset and incorporating a larger amount of natural, whole, organic, fresh and seasonal foods. Every lifestyle aspect is taken into account, improving the emotional, mental and physical health to reach the optimum and intended well-being state. An important part in Holistic Nutrition is to teach you to remember you how to listen to your body, discerning that, what makes you feel uncomfortable and causing upset, just like you did as child. And observing all the emotions related to the food during the day, before an after you eat, and with who and where you eat.

Therefore, the program given by a Health and Nutrition Counselor is totally personalized, and is focused on the particular needs of each case, considering the environment, preferences, tastes, health and emotional state and understanding that everything is a process. He supports you and guides you during this process until your desired wellness state is achieved. We all know that there are no magic recipes, there are no smoothies, green juices or salads that burn fat in just 5 days or detox your liver in 3 days. All that small long-term actions and habits, are what creates a healthy life.

Our body is perfect, let us learn to listen to it and create the ideal state for its effective and proper functioning.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


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