Eating is one of the basic needs of our body as any other living creature. However, the human being has built a whole culture and tradition around food, becoming an essential part in celebrations.

The real problem is when food becomes an escape parachute of emotions and feelings, and on those cases a therapy is needed to support and cure the emotional side.

There is an infinite list of diets, Paleo, Keto, low carb, the Zone, etc. and in the end the diet is not the problem, but what moves you to adopt it. Lose weight is the main purpose? Adopting a healthy lifestyle? Or want to have the body as “X” or “Y”?

Eating is an act that goes beyond numbers and percentages, is what makes your body feel good, realizing the individuality, preferences, age, body shape, stage of life, etc. Countless people, mostly women, keep struggling with their body trying to transform their body in something unreal.

I suggest you put into practice the following and notice the changes generated in your relationship with food:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate what your body lets you do. Embrace it and tell how much you love and admire it. Don’t listen to the incessant voice that gives millions of adjectives (“how fat I am”, “my legs are too fat”, etc.)
  • With all the respect it deserves, nourish it the best way possible, learn to listen to it and learn what is the best food for it. Relearn to connect with it.
  • Devoting time to each meal. Sit down and calmly enjoy each bite, if it is salty, sweet, sour, bitter, or if it has crunchy or smooth texture. Chew slowly, a good digestion begins there.
  • Select the best, because quality is better than quantity. Get informed and read labels, because you deserve the best.
  • Stop counting carbs, protein and fat percentages. Nourish your body from a conscious state of what your body needs. You might want meat one day, and the other more fruit and vegetables.
  • Eat only when hungry, and keep yourself hydrated
  • Love that much your body, that size is just a measure for clothing, not a measure for labeling you as “skinny” or “fat”. Your body constitution is that which you have without any group food restriction. Accept all changes that come with age.
  • Move, our body needs movement, and so, you will keep your mind active. Being bored makes you feel hungry.

Let’s go back to that time when cooking was an act of love, when 90% of the food was made at home with the purpose of nourishing and satisfying each family member. Once again, sitting down as a family and sharing food, where the most amazing conversations happen. MINDFUL EATING

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